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The eyelash extension process is meticulous and it is important to properly assess the natural lash to determine what length and thickness would be appropriate for the client.    Here at Lash Envy we will not compromise the health of your natural lashes. So be careful where you decide to go! Ask for personal before and after photos and to see the proper certification documents.

Will eyelash extensions damage

my natural lashes?

At Lash Envy, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent  extensions composed of single strands (individual) of synthetic eyelashes. The extensions are virtually weightless and curved to replicate a natural lash.

Your eyelash extensions can last indefinitely with consistent fills approximately every 2-4 weeks. Your natural lashes grow and shed on a continuous cycle that can last anywhere from 60-120 days. When properly applied and cared for , the eyelash extension will remain in place for the life of the natural lash and simply shed along with it.

Skin Care and Body Treatments

The skin renews itself every 28 days under normal  conditions and the dead skin cells slough off naturally. As our skin matures, our natural processes just aren't enough to keep our skin smooth and youthful. Exfoliation is a very important factor in skin care. By reducing the thickness of the epidermis it creates an easier environment to stimulate collagen within the dermis. It also increases permeability of the skin allowing active ingredients in skin care products to be more effective. 

Acne is formed below the surface of the skin and cannot be washed away to clear acne, you need clinical-strength products that are designed to penetrate the pore, exfoliate the dead skin cells and kill the acne bacteria.

Here at Lash Envy & Skin Solutions in Oklahoma City we accelerate the facial and decollete skin cell renewal process, and the production of collagen with a number of different treatments to the face/decollete.  

​Along with beautiful faces we need to take care of our beautiful bodies.  We offer body wellness programs to eradicate candida(yeast), lose weight,  detox your cells, and reduce cellulite. Other body wrap treatments are used to exfoliate, tone and tighten, moisturize and nourish, increase circulation, heal irritations, strengthen skin structures, reduce the never ending signs of aging, and organically infuse the skin cells with antioxidants and nutrients.


How long will my eyelash 

extensions last?

What are eyelash extensions?