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Eyebrow Extensions

There are 4 different levels of Eyebrow Restoration

Level 1 Minor Reconstruction-30/45 minutes

25% extensions/75% natural brows

A minor area of brows needing attention such as: Filling in tail area of the eyebrows/ Filling in the inner brow only/ Masking a gap from a scar in the eyebrow only.

Level 2 Half Reconstruction-45/90 minutes

50% extensions/ 50% natural brows

This service is for clients that have fairly good eyebrows but could use whole area of the eyebrows restored or could use fullness doubled such as: Adding fullness to thin brows/ Adding a tail to short brows/ Adding body & inner brow to over plucked eyebrows.

Level 3 Majority Reconstruction-1.5/2 hours

75% extensions/ 25% natural brows

This service is for the client who has very little natural brow hair. Our specialized technician will rebuild the majority of the eyebrow, and add shape and symmetry to uneven, damaged eyebrows.

Level 4 Complete Reconstruction-2/3 hours

100% extensions/ 0% natural brows

If you don't have any natural eyebrow hairs, our specialized technician will completely rebuild your eyebrows.


‚ÄčIndividual Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set     1 hr-1.5 hr                                      $150

Diva Set         1.5 - 2 hr                                        $180

Lash Junkie    2.5 hr+                                          $210

A single eyelash extension is applied to each individual natural lash.

Volume Set                                                             $230

We will double or triple your lash volume with the most precise application and using the softest lashes for a very natural and yet glamorous look.                     

Lash Retouch                              45min               $50-$65

Extra Retouch                            60 min +           $75+

Volume Retouch                        60 min +           $75-$90

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                                       Add On Services

Eyebrow Tinting                                     $20

Eyelash Tinting                                       $25    

Brow & Lash Tinting                              $40      

Brow Waxing / Shaping                         $15

Chin / Lip Waxing                                  $7     

All Brow and Lash Services are Customized to Each Individual Client

Lash Extensions in Oklahoma City

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